In the winter versatile: Loaders as “Snow-Kings”

To facilitate the task of removing the snow, many local authority have already decided to invest in a Kramer machine. The main task of the loader is  to clearing streets and parking spaces as quick as possible so that the residents have access to roads. Due to snowfall, it is not uncommon, that the machines are used  at night, on holidays or weekends. Most machines are used between eight and ten hours a day and are indispensable for those areas. “Due to its agility, speed and flexibility, the machine gives completely new opportunities for companies and can be used for a variety of work even after the winter,” says the producer from Pfullendorf. It continues: “The two attachment points allow the optimal use of the machines, whether snow plow, spreader or only snow blower. That means nearly all winter service implements can be attached and that makes the Kramer to a Snow King.” Especially the telescopes suit well for clearing the streets. In addition, due to their high loading height, they are also suitable for for filling the gritters. “Icy roads are for Kramer Machines no big deals” hightlights the producer. The rigid frame and the 4×4 steering wheel grants for stability and precise work. In addition, the company offers many options that are prerequisites for many companies. For example, additional hydraulicpower, low-speed control, depressurrized return, hand throttle, load stabilizer and much more. Furthermore the manufacturer provides the preheating of hydraulic oil and fuel. “Additionally, the variety of attachable devices and system compatibility of Kramer loaders makes the all investment to a valuable voucher for the future”.